Highly Huggable Heart Cushion

Have you ever wanted to sew something simple yourself?

Here is an easy how-to which teaches you, step by step, how to make your very own Highly Huggable Heart Cushion!

Step 1.


You will need: a pair of sewing scissors, a needle with a large eye and sharp point, 90 cm of tapestry thread, pins, a fine point sharpie, two 10×10 cm squares of cotton fabric and a large handful of polyester stuffing.

Step 2.


10×10 cm makes a medium Highly Huggable Heart Cushion but you can cut the fabric larger or smaller depending on what size you want your Highly Huggable Heart Cushion to be…

Step 3.


You will want to fill the whole square with the heart shape, but only draw on one of the squares. For the next step, however, you must align the two squares and pin them together.

Step 4.


Keep the pins in the heart for when you start to sew.

Step 5.


Thread the needle single thread. To thread it you may need to suck on the end and perhaps flatten it.

Step 6.


This is simple stitch, but blanket stitch is probably the best (as seen in the last picture).

IMPORTANT: Leave enough space for your index finger between the two ends of the stitching so you can fit the stuffing in. Leave some wool so you can sew up the hole once it is stuffed to the brim.

Step 7.


Push the stuffing through the gap. To ensure that you have as much puffiness as you can, fill the heart with as much stuffing as it can possibly hold!

Step 8.


Sew up the gap that you left to stuff the heart. 

To hang it up, attatch a length of ribbon to either side of the dip in the center of the heart.

To infuse it, mix dried lavender into the stuffing.

Now you can hug your very own homemade Highly Huggable Heart Cushion!